We have made the process of installing the PPShots® product as easy as possible.
  1. Empty the toilet bowl. The easiest way is to fill a large open container like a pitcher or a bucket with at least 1 gallon of water. Dump the container quickly into the center of the toilet. This should cause the toilet to drain far enough to apply the PPShots® adhesive photo protector.
  2. Dry the toilet bowl or urinal where you plan to put the PPShots® adhesive photo protector. A blow-dryer does an excellent job for this step.
  3. *Warning! Blow-dryers do not like water! Do not let blow dryer come in contact with water!
  4. Trim the picture to allow at least one inch for adhesion all around the picture. Peel off the backing of the PPShots® adhesive photo protector, and place your photo face first onto the sticky surface.
  5. Place the PPShots® adhesive photo protector and picture in the toilet bowl or urinal in the desired location.
  6. Stand back and admire your work (if you decide to baptize it, stand closer).
  7. Remove PPShots® adhesive photo protector from the toilet if it becomes loose.
If you have questions then please contact us.