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The PPShots® photo protector is only limited by your imagination.

Welcome to PPShots®!

PPShots® is an excellent way to Express Your Feelings! They say a picture is worth a thousand words – with PPShots® we add location, location, location. From now on, your ex-spouse, ex-boss, ex-friend, hated politician, or sports team will all be subject to your wrath! Revenge is a dish that’s best served cold, or in this case, cold and wet! So go ahead and enjoy yourself!

The PPShots® adhesive photo protector is a great product for taking aim when you do your business. The photo protector is a clear toilet sticker made of water resistant materials and extra tough adhesive to stick to the inside of your toilet for weeks. The PPShots® adhesive photo protector is great for a gag gift, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, bachelor and bachelorette parties, revenge, sports teams, target practice, or even providing a good laugh from your visitors. Take a chance and take a shot.

Bulk Pricing Available

If you're interested in bulk pricing then please call or email us for more information.